Pergola Installation Guide


Site Prep

All Timber Structures require concrete piers or footings.

• Unlike commercially treated construction lumber or posts, non-treated timbers cannot be placed directly into concrete footings.

• Pier or footing design and construction should always conform to your local area building code requirements.


Two Post System

• A two post structure requires larger footings and steel tubing for its stability.

• Footings should be constructed flush or slightly below the bottom of finished pavers if used as a decking material.

Locate and bore 24 inch diameter holes for a 30 inch deep footing.

Level 3/16 wall, 8 x 8 steel tube in concrete footing. Tube is 5 feet long with half its length above grade.

Install conduit to provide electrical power for lighting or ceiling fans.

Finish steel tubes with masonry columns or wood trim.


Multiple Post System

• Masonry columns or Sonitubes can be used to elevate the structure.

• Heavy duty post base anchors are supplied (do not use standard framing or construction anchors).

Timber post base-anchors are fabricated from heavy steel to meet each design requirement.

Borate rods are used to prevent wood-rot and insect concentrations. Rods are placed in holes drilled in the timber ends where borates are defused stopping all decay.

The adjustable anchor bolts which are used in the traffic signal industry are ideal for strength and precision leveling.


Flat Roof Assembly

• Exposed fasteners consist of 3/4” all-thread rod, ASE washers, and square nuts.

• Fasteners can be recessed and covered (plugged) with dowels.

Place inside the steel tube 6 x 6 concrete pavers to raise the timber base above grade. Place timbers inside steel tube.

Assemble timber brackets, headers and joist. Fasten with all-thread, washers and square nuts.

Steel plate for ceiling fan installations.


Rafter Assembly

Locate and drill holes for T-connector plates; assemble brackets and headers.

Assemble rafters and fascia boards, then apply roofing material.

Assemble cap for masonry column or wood trim. Caulk all joints to prevent water intrusion.


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